Biggest Loser Season 3 Ad – Nicola

Yes, it’s another of the Season 3 ads uploaded for your viewing pleasure.

This one features Nicola.

AKA Season 3’s Laura. Seriously, check out the resemblance. Or watch the ad for yourself. It probably also helps if you saw Season 2, I’d imagine.

Nicola’s ad starts out with her saying she’d hate to miss out on being able to have kids due to her weight. Oddly, she has a cat in her arms at the time. Don’t women consider cats almost the same as children anyway?

And then… yep! She’s tired of life passing her by. That sounds familiar.

“I just want to be like every other girl.” *sigh* Why? Why must you all be sheep? Being different is good.

Perfect material for Shannan and his love of boxing training I’d say. So long as she’s not as teary as Laura was at times, she ought to be good to watch. She has a very pretty face and if she can get a nice body to match she ought to be a stunner.

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