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Worst Movies Ever: Zombie Nation

Zombie Nation (IMDB) has an impressively discomforting image of a zombie on the front cover. A nation composed of undead monstrosities of similarly repulsive features would be truly horrifying, so you would think we’re off to a good start with that cover art.

Sadly the zombie looking fellow you see on the cover does not appear in the movie. And even more sadly, scary zombie face guy not being in the movie is only the start of the disappointments.

The opening scene of the movie starts out awkwardly enough with a flight attendant trying to disentangle herself from an overly amorous boyfriend. She’s running late for her flight but the boyfriend is not particularly concerned. He wants some more snuggle time.

A reasonable request, certainly.

Then we’re suddenly in some other bedroom with a cop grabbing his gun and getting dressed. And then some quick shots of someone fiddling with the bra of a woman, giving us a closeup of her boob in the process.

Flight attendant. Cop. Boobs. Cop. Flight attendant. Boobs. ZOM. BIE. NA. TION.

The flight attendant finally gets in her car and heads off to the airport. She’s running late so she might be going a little over the speed limit which naturally draws the attention of the cop we saw dressing earlier. His voice is deep and gravelly and without knowing anything of the lady he’s already cussing to his partner, calling her a bitch and making other colourful but unfair assessments of her.

His partner, meanwhile, is a little baffled as to his problem with this particular citizen but he’s obviously the junior officer so he wisely remains quiet.

But hang on, what’s this?
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