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5 People You Should Follow On Twitter

Posted by Mythor

Twitter's one of those new "social media" experiences that people seem to either grasp very quickly or they'll take a look at it, maybe poke at it half heartedly for a week or two before abandoning the idea.

I have a theory. I think the reason some people never really get into it is they don't follow anyone interesting, leaving them with maybe a couple of friends they know from elsewhere being the only people they follow, leading them to just prefer chatting to them on Facebook, MSN or some kind of "real world" equivalent.

On Twitter itself there's a popular means of sharing the handles of interesting people, referred to as "Follow Friday". Each Friday people add a #FollowFriday or #FF tag to a tweet, along with a list of people they think might be interesting to the people who're following them.

But what if you're not following anyone much? Or if your friends don't have anyone to recommend? I have some suggestions to get you started.