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What I’m Playing – Dragon Age: Origins

One of the seemingly inexhaustible supply of games I still haven’t played enough of – or played at all, in some instances – Dragon Age: Origins is where I’ve been spending a fair portion of my gaming time over the last couple of days. With the sequel due early next this year I decided it was time to get stuck into the meat of the game, rather than the dabbling I had done previously.

The first time I started playing Dragon Age I chose the Dwarves as my starting race. Their introductory story and gameplay was interesting but I’d developed my character to be the “tank” of the group, unaware that three of the earliest companions you recruit can serve in that capacity, to greater or lesser degrees.

This time around I’ve been playing a Human Rogue. The introductory areas when starting as a Human noble are more satisfying than the Dwarven commoner. Whilst events do conspire against you to push things along, the human storyline left me wanting to save the world from the Darkspawn where the Dwarven story just left me wanting to get into the “game”.

From here on in, there be spoilers.

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